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 Reports and Commentary from the Investment World

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Spectacular gains from international companies.


Spectacular gains from international companies.

Some of the most profitable foreign companies are those supplying the goods and services needed to support growing economies like China, India and Eastern Europe.

For instance...

  • Russian Gas producer, Gazprom has surged over 700% in the last 18 months.
  • A Chinese manufacturer, Aluminum Corp of China has been benefiting from the global boom. It is up 324% in just over a year.
  • Eastern Europe's largest mobile phone company, Vimpelcom, rose 116.7% in less than seven months.
  • And shares of the Asian software developer Infosys rose an astounding 1,154% in under a year.

But even those gains are tiny compared to the profits of 's Millicom International Cellular. The company, that supplies cellular service to developing countries - soared 5,293% in just 14 months! But that's just a sample of the huge gains being enjoyed by markets benefiting from burgeoning growth and the flow of money from devalued assets.You may never have heard of any of the companies listed above, but many more are companies you will know well:
United Kingdom's Rolls Royce Group  jumped 199% in less than 10 months.
The U.S telecom AT & T has put on over 100% in18 months.
Swedish cell phone giant Ericsson is up 331% on the dollar's woes in less than a year.
Consumer electronics giant Sony jumped 371% in 13 months.
Hitachi, rose 299.7% in 15 months.

As you can see, these international companies are hardly "foreign" at all. We buy their products everyday. Clearly there is money to be made in these markets.

Reason Number One: Money tends to flow to international markets when U.S investments and the U.S. dollar are less attractive.

Reason Number Two: Foreign shares are breathtakingly cheap relative to U.S stocks. Whether you're looking at sales, earnings, book value or dividends, foreign shares are a bargain compared to most U.S stocks.More and more savvy investors are seeing these opportunities, outside their home markets.

More and more money is finding its way to these once ignored and therefore vastly undervalued equities! Add to the mix a number of global economies that are showing renewed signs of growth and prosperity and you have a recipe for outstanding profits.Best of all, there is a way to make your move easily and with the right information.

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