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Bull markets


Where are the bull markets now? 2005-01-13

To become a successful investor during uncertain times, you've got to be open to bull markets anywhere you find them. These days, the strongest bulls are found in places most investors would never dream of looking.

 "Money moves quickly these days. Global capital flows faster than any river. Capital movements cause prices for stocks, bonds, or commodities to rise rapidly in one place, or fall just as rapidly in another... For investors, the problem is that the tides of global finance are not as predictable as the tides of the Thames. If every market is a river, there are thousands of rivers. You can make money in any single one of them, and you can do so in any number of ways."

This is the main reason why some people find opportunity when others only see danger and crisis. In Pink Investments we show you exactly where today's bull markets exist.

You will learn how to turn some of the most ominous events on the investment horizon into reasons for profit. For example, you'll find companies in Tartastan, and side by side with U.S, and European companies in our portfolios.

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