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 Reports and Commentary from the Investment World

Reports and commentaries are posted here on a regular basis.




AWG (AWG:LSE) 2003-03-22

The British group AWG exploits rivers, reservoirs and underground sources in order to supply drinking water to nearly 6 million customers across the U.K.
But it does not stop there, operating on an international scale, the number of foreign customers stands at 11 million, including 2 million in Beijing, China (the biggest ever contract signed on this market to date), and the rest in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America.

Other than drinking water, the group is also responsible for treating wastewater, with some 1,000 water treatment plants. It has also started to branch out into other areas, for example with the acquisition in 2000 of the Scottish building firm Morrison, which means it can now set up infrastructure and build plants for its own use, as well as commercial and residential buildings (engineering activity).

This company is well managed and innovative.
It is a high yielder (currently around 5.3%) and its shares are somewhat depressed right now.

If the shares resume their normal trading range, (which we're sure they will, given time), then there is the potential for significant Capital gains here. In the meantime we can enjoy the dividends pouring in.

Buy AWG (AWG:LSE) up to 500p . Enjoy the dividends whilst we await the inevitable share price rise.


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