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American Oriental Bioengineering, Inc., (Amex: AOB).  As of 18th December 2006 - listed on NYSE.

AOB is a leading manufacturer and distributor of plant-based pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products in China.  AOB's products are distributed throughout all 28 provinces in China.  The market for pharmaceutical products in China is expected to be the world's largest by 2020, and is currently  estimated at $50 billion. AOB provides many of the leading pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products in China, and is a known brand in one of the world's largest healthcare markets.  Products currently being sold include :-

 Plant Based Pharmaceuticals 
+ Shuanghuanglian lyophilized powder for injection
+ Cease-enuresis soft gel
+ Fufang danshen pian 
+ Gujinwan capsule
+ Chinese spelling: Qingre Jiedu Koufuye
+ Shilintong tablet
+ Double ginseng yishen grain
+ Pharyngitis tablet
+ Biyanling tablet

  Plant Based Nutraceuticals 
+ Soybean Peptide
+ MilkPeptide
+ Soybean Peptide Beverage
+ PancreMate
+ SoyPeptide Powder - Pancreas Formula
+ SoyPeptide Powder - Balanced Formula 
+ SoyPeptide Powder - Anti-fatik Formula
+ SoyPeptide Powder-Immubooster Formula
+ SoyPeptide Powder - Menopause Formula
+ SoyChew with Peptide
+ SoyChew
+ Soybean Peptide Tablet
+ Soybean Peptide Coffee
+ Vitalmate
+ UrinStopper Capsule

Two of the Company's leading products, Cease-Enuresis Soft Gel and Jinji Gel, have been selected to join
in the International Traditional Chinese Medicine ("TCM") Program For Cooperation In Science and Technology.  This newly established program is a long-term, collaborative effort between three of China's state regulatory bodies,  the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Health, and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicines have been used within China for thousands of years and the objective of this program is to further enhance the development of the industry by supporting some of the existing top echelon companies to promote  the benefits not only within China but also potentially internationally. Over one thousand TCM products were evaluated by the aforementioned government agencies and only thirty of them were selected during the first phase of the program. The process for inclusion was rigorous with central government experts, local authorities and highly-regarded  institutions responsible for the group's final conclusions.
Over time, selected companies will receive support from dedicated science and health personnel from the government  agencies to augment their R&D efforts with an aim to improve the selected products to reach international standards and possible future globalization.

"We are extremely pleased that two of our leading products were selected to be part of this elite group of Traditional Chinese Medicine products," commented Mr. Tony Liu, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of American Oriental Bioengineering.  "This selection highlights the quality of our products and further demonstrates our leadership in the plant-based  pharmaceutical category."

AOB has 3 pharmacies, 2 health food manufacturing plants, 2 internal research institutes, 1 commercial company and a distributing headquarter with broad coverage.  It has established management,  manufacturing, financial and information headquarters in New York in the USA, Shenzhen, Harbin and Hong Kong in China.  All these provide a good foundation for the continuous development of AOB.

The Company listed on the American Stock Exchange in July 2005 and on the NYSE Arca in November 2005.  Today, AOB has a market capitalization of over $600 million and net cash per share of $0.97 as of September 30, 2006.  AOB reported third quarter 2006 revenue growth of 102% to $27.0 million and net income growth of 104% to $7.6 million versus the prior year's quarter. EPS increased 50% to $0.12

AOB has just received approval for listing on the New York Stock Exchange. The Company anticipates its shares of common  stock will begin trading on the NYSE on December 18, 2006. Until that time,the Company's shares will continue to trade on the American Stock Exchange and the NYSE Arca exchange under the symbol "AOB".

By transferring to one consolidated trading platform at the NYSE, we believe AOB can  achieve greater  price efficiency which will ultimately more accurately reflect shareholder value,. We believe that AOB has further great growth ahead of it and once it is listed on NYSE the company will hit the radar  of the major brokerages.  We have an opportunity now, to get in before the NYSE listing.

Buy American Oriental Bioengineering Inc (AOB:AMEX) up to US$12



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