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Fri March 3, 17

Why April 15 Has Lost Its Claim as 'Tax Day' - Fri March 3, 17 - WSJTax
Blame the timing of weekends, as well as the relatively new celebration of Emancipation Day in the District of Columbia, for why April 15 is no longer Tax Day in many years. more ...
Fri July 1, 16

The Latest Bitcoin Hurdle: How to Tax It - Fri July 1, 16 - WSJTax
A little more than two years after the Internal Revenue Service issued bare-bones guidance on bitcoin and other digital currencies, the agency still hasn't addressed many important tax matters affecting them. more ...

U.S. Mining Swiss Bank Data to Find Tax Cheats - Fri July 1, 16 - WSJTax
The Justice Department has begun scrutinizing thousands of U.S. taxpayers' Swiss bank accounts to compare bank information with what the taxpayers have reported to the IRS. more ...
Sat October 10, 15

Fri October 9, 15

Clinton Email Server Subject of Attempted Attacks - Fri October 9, 15 - WSJTax
A private email server used by Hillary Clinton was the subject of attempted cyberattacks originating abroad, according to congressional investigators. more ...

Thu October 8, 15

Hillary Clinton's Email Server Was Subject to Additional Attacks - Thu October 8, 15 - WSJTax
In addition to spam from Russia in 2011, the server was hit by hackers in China, South Korea and Germany after Mrs. Clinton left office in early 2013. more ...
Thu October 1, 15

Tough Subject for Two Schools in Brooklyn - Thu October 1, 15 - WSJTax
Parents in two Brooklyn schools, with starkly different demographics and test scores, fear a rezoning plan might hurt their children's educations. more ...
Mon September 21, 15

Starting a Charity? Avoid These Common Mistakes - Mon September 21, 15 - WSJTax
From paperwork to filling the board, beginners find it takes more than passion and money to run a charity. more ...

Financial Adviser or Financial Planner? - Mon September 21, 15 - WSJTax
For investors looking for financial guidance, the difference betweent the two matters. more ...
Fri September 18, 15

How Would Jeb Bush's Tax Plan Affect You? - Fri September 18, 15 - WSJTax
More than any other presidential candidate, Jeb Bush put forth a plan that dramatically changes the landscape for individual taxpayers. more ...
Sat September 12, 15

A Biography as Great as Its Subject - Sat September 12, 15 - WSJTax
James Boswell's “Life of Johnson” helped ensure the posterity of the ever quotable Samuel Johnson. more ...
Wed September 9, 15

EU Approves GE's Acquisition of Alstom's Energy Business - Wed September 9, 15 - WSJTax
General Electric won approval from Europe's top antitrust authority for its acquisition of Alstom's power business after the U.S. industrial giant agreed to sell assets that regulators hope will create a strong, new competitor in Europe. more ...

Sat August 15, 15

IRA Advisers Face Tougher Standards on Rollovers - Sat August 15, 15 - WSJTax
This week, consumer advocates, academics and financial services-industry executives debated proposed regulations that would toughen oversight of professionals who offer advice on IRA rollovers. more ...
Mon August 10, 15

What Congress Didn't Do Before Summer Vacation - Mon August 10, 15 - WSJTax
As Congress was heading for recess late last month, lawmakers passed several important tax changes. But they failed to act on others that are even more important. more ...
Thu July 23, 15

Iran's Declared Sites Subject to Continual Inspection - Thu July 23, 15 - WSJTax
How do we know Iran does not already have enough enriched material to make a bomb or does not already possess one? more ...
Wed July 15, 15

A New Tax Break for Married Couples - Wed July 15, 15 - WSJTax
The IRS has just issued final rules detailing a generous estate-tax break for millions of couples. Here's how to take advantage of it. more ...
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